Outdoor Ultrafiltration Water Filter - UF5000

Model #: UF5000

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Simple design, superior performance, and outstanding economics – The Filken ultrafiltration system sets the standard for treated water applications.

The Filken’s membrane is based on Polysulfone (PS) material with one of the highest membrane packing densities per cartridge available in the market. Polusulfone membranes exhibit a wide pH tolerance (continuous exposure range of pH 1- 13), high temperature limit (typically 75 °C), good oxidant resistance (chlorine exposure: storage 50 mg/L, short-term sanitation 200 mg/L, >106 ppmh).

The Filken Ultrafiltration System Design
Filken’s Hollow fibre is a flexible membrane; it can carry out the filtration by either "inside-out" or "outside-in". Filken’s cross flow hollow fibre membrane also reduces fouling as the fluid flows from the inside of the hollow fibre and pass through to the outside of the membrane. Despite the size of the hollow fibre membrane being smaller than other types of membrane, its circular structure allows a higher surface area which in turn, yields a higher performance.

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Outdoor Ultra-Filtration Membrane UF5000

Model: UF5000

Flow Rate: 5000-Liters Per Hour (Lab Capacity)
Connector: Water Inlet and Outlet Diameter 3/4'' Male
Diamension: Diameter 5'' x 3'' (128mm x 762mm)
Material: Super Polysulfone Membrane
Max. Pressure: 5 - Bar (72.5psi)

UF Membrane Advantages:-

SAFER WATER – Filken UF fibers have a smooth inner core morphology and small pore size allowing viruses and pathogens to be more easily removed.

LESS DOWNTIME – Strong, durable fibers, easy to maintain design and a flexible cleaning process (including chemically enhanced backflush) result in more time processing water and less for maintenance and repairs.

LESS CHEMICALS – Superior membrane chemistry, a tight pore structure and advanced controls deliver more stable membrane performance without the need for extensive chemical cleans.

SIMPLE OPERATION – Minimal system connections, easy installation, outstanding reliability and just 3 simple mode to maintain the daily usage of the system, basically normal filtration mode, direct flushing mode, and back-flushing mode.

SAVE MONEY – Superior output, simplified operation, reduced maintenance and a compact footprint all add up to cost savings for you!


Outdoor Filter - UF 3500

Outdoor Filter - UF 3500

High Temperature Resistant Grade Stainless Steel

UF Membrane - 0.01 micron

Ultra-Filtration Water Purifier - UF 5000

Ultra-Filtration Water Purifier - UF 5000

 Ultra-Filtration Water Purifier - UF 5000



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